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Liberally - the democratic party of Great Britain urges to consider Russian - German - the French memorandum across Iraq

Liberally - the democratic party of Great Britain has urged the government not to sweep aside W/ O consideration the memorandum of Iraq, brought in Monday, on February, 24th, France, Russia and Germany in United Nations Security council.

it was declared in the House of Commons of the British parliament by the representative Liberally - the democratic party which is responsible for questions of a world policy, Michael Moore. As he said, in offered by France and supported by Germany and Russia the memorandum contains " the clear program of actions " on disarmament of Iraq by means of inspections.

in this document, Moore has noted, such measures, as strengthening of inspections, time of their carrying out and an order of an estimation of their WRK are provided also. Therefore, according to Moore, to the British government followed take into consideration this position that " It, probably, does not want to do ".

From a name Liberally - democratic party Michael Moore has declared that its party does not support brought in Wednesday the British government in the House of Commons the decision project ABT its strategy concerning Iraq. As the representative the representative Liberally - democratic party has underlined, it supports continuation of WRK of the international inspectors in Iraq that " it is absolutely necessary " 4 the decision of the Iraq problem peace means. In its opinion, in conformity W international law war can be justified only when it is a last resort when all other methods are settled. " but it has not occurred " - Moore has noted.

Moore named " dangerous " the statement of premieres - the minister of Great Britain Tony Blair that Great Britain supposes possibility of application of force concerning Iraq in case in UNSF somebody W/ O the serious reason will put a veto.

As the representative Liberally - democratic party, WRK of inspectors - the key MOM in the decision of all problem W the Iraq weapons of mass destruction considers. In its opinion, till now to the international inspectors gave not enough time 4 WRK though their head Hans Bliks some times declared that MTH, instead of weeks to come to conclusion of presence in Iraq weapons of mass destruction are necessary for it.

Besides, the representative Liberally - democratic party has warned ABT humanitarian consequences which can arise 4 the population of Iraq and neighbouring countries in case war will be untied. " there are no reasons to start war against Iraq " - Michael Moore has concluded, acting in the House of Commons.