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In Russia education will operate on - new

As it should be ekperimenta on the basis of the Ministry of Education of Russia it is planned to create new structure of management of education.

on it on Wednesday on a press - conferences were informed by the Minister of Education of Russia Vladimir Filippov. As he said, such question is studied, and " Minobrazovanie together with distance Ministry of economic development and trade " kind " in ekperimentalnom an order to fulfil new structure.

one of vantov is the project at which the Ministry of Education will be engaged in working out of standards of the maintenance of education, standard documents, orders and laws, and at it two agencies will function simultaneously. One of them will be engaged in current financing, another - problems of control over certification and accreditation of educational institutions. At such vante behind the Ministry of Education remain only " political functions " Necessary for realisation of the further measures on education modernisation, has noted Phillips.

anyway, the minister, " has underlined; inevitably " updating of personnel potential of the Ministry. At the same time, he has noted, to find competent managers from organizers of education begins possible " under one condition " - if corresponding financing that " will be allocated; sharply " to lift the salary to officials, the minister has underlined.