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Arafat has urged Great Britain to help settlement palestino - the Israeli conflict

Yasser Arafat has called Great Britain and all world community to put a maximum of efforts 4 the prompt settlement palestino - the Israeli conflict.

on it has informed on Wednesday the Palestinian news agency VAFA referring to sources in the Palestinian national administration/ PNA/.

According to the available information, leader PNA has directed British the prime minister - to minister Tony Blair the message in which he has called the government of Great Britain and all countries of the world " to put an end to travails of the Palestinian people from hands of the Israeli aggressors ".

Arafat considers necessary immediately to start realisation " a road map " - the plan of peaceful settlement of the conflict developed by participants " the Near-Eastern four "/ Russia, the USA, the European Union and the United Nations/.

Otherwise, according to head PNA, position in the Palestinian territories will be and to worsen further.

According to the data of the international human rights organisations, from the beginning of year in Gaza Strip and on the West Bank of Jordan 118 Palestinians were lost, 1332 persons have got wounds of various severity level.

during operations of the Israeli armies 231 apartment house has been destroyed, 382 structures have undergone to bombardment from heavy arms. More than 260 persons have been arrested 4 evidence.