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the Vice-president of the State Committee on housing construction has declared necessity of state support of mortgage housing crediting

Addressing to journalists on the eve of session of presidium of the State Council of development of a mortgage and to measures on stimulation of housing construction he has noticed that a mortgage - the major mechanism of development of economy of the state. ponomarev has explained that " the real estate as the goods is means of involving of investment resources in sector of real economy through habitation building ". As consequence, it assumes development of the financial markets and economy activization as a whole.

at the same time Ponomarev recognised that W/ O the state support mortgage housing crediting/ IZHK/ cannot become the major economic tool.

the vice-president of the State Committee has underlined that that IZHK became accessible to people W small incomes and accumulation, address target grants of the state are necessary. Problem, as he said, is maintenance of all working population through address target support of the state by possibility to buy habitation, having liberated thus means 4

In turn zamglavy Ministry of economic development and trade Vitaly Shipov has supported necessity of guarantees of the state to investments into mortgage lending system. As he said, the state should guarantee release of mortgage issue papers.

thorns 2 has noted necessity of reduction legislatively - legal base in conformity W requirements IZHK.

he Besides, has specified, it is necessary to create an effective infrastructure of mortgage lending, and also to provide availability of the credit and the interest rate on it 4 the population having the AVG income. Zamglavy Ministry of economic development and trade 2 has supported necessity of housing grants 4 payment of a primary payment in system IZHK 4 " persons included in a waiting list ".

the General director " Agencies on mortgage housing crediting " Alexander Semenjaka has noticed that the agency has developed the basic requirements of mortgage housing crediting. As he said, first of all " the credit should be accessible, and system IZHK should operate in all territory of Russia and be based on market conditions ". Besides, this system should be " it is steady on long prospect " has noted Semenjaka.