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" New news " leave in the new version

Creative collective of the newspaper " New news " in the near future will start preparation for the new version of the edition.

as has informed on Thursday in interview " News " zamglavnogo the editor " New news " Valery Jacob, negotiations W the chairman of board of directors of the newspaper Oleg Mitvolem owning 76 - ju percent of shares, have passed " without results ".

In particular, according to Jacob, the owner of a supervising share holding of the newspaper has refused to reinstate Igor Golembiovsky the general director " New news " referring to infringement financially - economic activities.

last week Mitvol has released Golembiovsky from a post, having saved behind it functions of the editor-in-chief of the edition. According to Jacob, from offered by journalists of the edition various vantov decisions of a current situation of Mitvol has refused. Thus, without having found the conciliatory proposal of the given situation journalists have decided to create other newspaper, having saved its former name.

Jacob has informed that Mitvol has agreed that the right of use of a logo of the edition remains for journalists of the newspaper. The updated version of the newspaper " New news " according to Jacob, will appear in April of current year. Up until that time the edition will leave in a network " the Internet ".

Jacob 2 has informed that negotiations W a number of structures on financing of the updated version " now are carried on; New news ". Jacob has underlined that " the command works solid and disagreements in collective are not present ".

In turn, in interview " News " Mitvol has informed that now lawyers work over the form of the document which would allow journalists " New news " to use the former name of the newspaper in the new edition. Mitvol has noticed that he will agree on use by journalists of a logo " New news " in case the creative collective will find financial assets 4 financing of the new newspaper. Otherwise, according to Mitvolja if these means are not found, the newspaper " New news " leaves already on first of April.