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to the Film " the Romance ABT enamoured " 30 years

From the date of an exit on the screen of a cult film 70 - h " were executed; the Romance ABT enamoured " Andrey Konchalovsky there have passed 30 years.

the picture has made then the present furore and has occupied a leading place in the Soviet hire. Besides, it has won a number of prizes, including Gran - at a film festival in Karlovy Vary.

" the picture among my several tens films became the most difficult, but most expensive and LUVed 4 me " - has told in exclusive interview " News " the national actor of Russia, actor MHATa of Chekhov and the professor of school - studios of MKhAT Evgenie Kindinov.

" Our victory, and it was so, is extracted by the own sweat and blood. In many respects a film " the Romance ABT enamoured " was experimental. For the first time, for example, at cinema heroes have started talking " a blank verse " for the first time frank enough love scenes of what then could not think " have been shown; - Kindinov has told.

" Andrey Sergeevicha Konchalovsky`s Requirements were very high. But I was helped by that near to me tremendous partners, remarkable talents worked: innokenty Smoktunovsky, Irina Kupchenko, Ijja Savvina, Lenochka Korenev, Alexander Zbruev and others. W partners to me has very much carried " - the actor has noted.

" we nasnimali, and shootings went more year, matela on three series though in the beginning one was planned only. As a result there was a two-part, big film. This picture " Romas ABT enamoured " became very important stage in my actor`s destiny which has given to me not only huge popularity, but also invaluable experience, for what I am very grateful to its founders and, first of all, the director of a picture Andrey Sereevichu Konchalovsky " - Kindinov has told.

For these 30 years Andrey Konchalovsky`s name became known not only in Russia, but also in the world, he shot pictures in Hollywood, put performances. Its last WRK - Chekhovian " the Seagull " which premiere has taken place within the limits of festival of arts " chereshnevyj wood ".

Actress Elena Korenev in this time, besides WRK in cinema and theatre, has published two biographic books, last of which is called " Is not present - Lenka ".

Evgenie Kindinov became not simply known actor, but also the professor who is going to accept examinations at the pupils at school - MKhAT studios.