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Results of a MTG of Dzjunitiro Koidzumi and Kim Jong II

Leaders of Japan and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have agreed about settlement of bilateral problems and efforts 4 maintenance of the denuclearized status of the Korean peninsula. W such result one and a half hour negotiations in Pyongyang between North Korean leader Kim Jong II and the prime minister - the minister of Japan Dzjunitiro Koidzumi have come to the end on Saturday.

On a press - conferences in Pyongyang Koidzumi has declared that returns home, taking away W itself five children repatriated before Japanese citizens whom in 70 - e and 80 - e years of last century have been stolen by North Korean agents and are secretly forwarded to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

2, according to Koidzumi, the leader of the North Korea promised to prolong the unilateral moratorium for rocket tests which call fears in Japan.

Instead of Tokyo promises during one - two MTH to pass the North Korean state through the international organisations of 250 thousand tons of rice, and also medicines in cost of $10 million.

according to Koidzumi, Kim Jong II has told to it that " wishes the permission of all problems to the Korean peninsula peacefully ". The leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has thus CFMed that aspires to the denuclearized status of the Korean peninsula and will make efforts 4 success of six-sided negotiations ABT an overcoming the crisis round the nuclear program of Pyongyang (W participation of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, the USA, Russia, China, South Korea and Japan).

On a press - conferences which was broadcast by Japanese TV channels on the air, Koidzumi has declared intention to improve the relation from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

" relations should become fair. We should pass from an enmity status 2 friendship, from opposition 2 cooperation " - the Japanese prime minister has told.

Koidzumi has assured 2 Pyongyang that will take measures for prevention of discrimination of the Koreans living in Japan.

it there was already a second MTG of Koidzumi and Kim Jong II after visit of the Japanese prime minister to Pyongyang in September, 2002. Then leaders of two countries have accepted the joint declaration with which adherence it was necessary to CFM this time again. The problem of relatives of victims of abductions did not allow Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and Japan to promote till now in settlement of bilaterial relations on an adverse background of nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula.