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Putin counts on the Arabian summit in Tunis

Vladimir Putin counts that decisions of the Arabian summit which have opened in Tunis will make positive impact on a situation in the Near East. ABT it as has informed a press - service of the Kremlin, it is SPK in the salutatory message of the president of Russia to participants of the summit.

> " your present summit passes in conditions when conditions in the Near East are burdened by many uneasy problems and drama events " - it is marked in the message.

" we count that the decisions made by you will make serious and positive impact on the further development of a situation in region " - it is SPK in the document.

first of all, the Russian leader has noted, it concerns prospects of achievement of universal Near-Eastern settlement.

" in Russia W concern notice that positions " a road map " Countenanced by both parties of the conflict and having it is international - legal status, already long period are not realised in practice " - it is SPK in the message.

therefore, the president of Russia, " considers; the co-ordinated efforts are now necessary to improve conditions and to adjust performance process " a road map " as uncontested program of settlement ".

Thus, it is SPK in the message, NE unilateral steps should not predetermine definitive settlement which can be reached only through direct negotiations and mutually acceptable arrangements between the parties on the strong is international - the legal basis fixed, first of all, in resolutions 242, 338, 1397 and 1515 UNSF.

" we recognise that " a road map " Opens real prospect of an establishment of the strong and fair world in region at which occupation of the Arabian earths will be stopped, and Palestin and Israel will co-exist as the independent states in safe and is international - recognised borders, having got rid of constant fear B4 terrorism and NE other forms of violence " - it is marked in the message.

" we support to overcome long stagnation on the Syrian and Lebanese directions of peace process. W/ O returning of Syria of Golan heights and W/ O the decision of controversial problems between Israel and Lebanon universal settlement in the Near East not to reach " - Putin considers.

Russia, is SPK in the document, will continue active interaction with the partners on " to a quartet " the international intermediaries - from the United Nations, the USA and the European Union - in interests of advancement " a road map ". " I express hope that decisions of your summit will contribute in realisation of this plan which has incorporated and key elements countenanced in Beirut in 2002 of the Arabian peace initiative " - it is SPK in the message.

the president of Russia has specified that the destabilization factor in region remains neuregulirovannost positions in Iraq and has CFMed with a position of Moscow ABT a priority role of the United Nations in situation settlement in this country.

" the United Nations should become the basic partner of Iraqis in business of revival of their country after end of the period of occupation " - it is SPK in the message.

in the document it is noticed that Russia, as well as the Arabian countries, C the future Iraq as the sovereign, democratic and prospering state which are living in peace with the neighbours, and firmly supports preservation territolnoj integrity of this country, observance of the rights and freedom of all ethnoses living in Iraq and faiths.

" We consider that political process in Iraq, time constitutions being after acceptance only at the initial stage, needs a strong support on all levels of population, and also in maximum to broad support of the international community under the aegis of the United Nations " - it is SPK in the message.

Russia is sincerely interested in stability and prosperity of the states of the Arabian world, in successful search by the countries and the people of this extensive area of ways of acceleration of the development in socially - economic, political and humanitarian areas, it is marked in the document.

" are ready to support the corresponding initiatives starting with region considering its specificity and interests, necessity of the decision of the collected problems " - it is SPK in the message.

" Would like to CFM with an immutable spirit of Russia on expansion of constructive interaction W leaguers of the Arabian states with a view of maintenance of the world, security and a sustainable development in the Near East and in the North Africa, consolidations of the international stability as a whole " - it is marked in the message of the president of Russia.