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Britain supports a position of Russia ABT convocation of conference on Iraq

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain supports a position of Russia, France and Germany ABT the prompt convocation of the international conference on Iraq.

Forin of the office which maintenance became known to the newspaper " is SPK about it in prepared 4 the country top management the confidential report; Sandi Tajms ".

Apparently from the document with which full TXT it was possible to familiarise " News " the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that to LDN " it is necessary to provide carrying out in June or autumn of constructive international conference (across Iraq) for which convocation act Russia, France and Germany. It could become one more useful reinforcement 4 new arrangements and inspire these countries to bring the contribution to a reorganisation of Iraq ". The document is dated on May, 19th.

Forin office 2 is voiced in the report for necessity of the prompt acceptance of the new resolution of the UN Security Council across Iraq. For this purpose as considers the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are quite good prospects if it will be possible to convince the USA to include in the draught resolution " satisfactory " the formulations, concerning architecture of security in Iraq after delegation of power to Iraqis and, ESP, mutual relations between multinational forces and the transitive Iraq government.

if LDN will manage to achieve from Washington of motions on these positions and, thereby, " to give Russia, France and Germany possibility to express in the draught resolution the sights there will be reasonable prospects 4 its acceptance " it is marked in the confidential report.

in the document the recommendation is voiced the British management to be connected to detailed discussion of these questions from the USA " at high level ".