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In Russia it is necessary to carry out reform of gas branch - the vice-president of the Union of independent manufacturers of gas

In Russia it is necessary to carry out reform of gas branch. ABT it in interview " News " the vice-president of the Union of independent manufacturers of gas (SNPG) Valery Sorokin has declared. It takes part in passing 22 - on May, 24th in Amsterdam 9 - m the International economic forum.

" all preconditions to take the plunge in reforming of gas branch in Russia " are now created; - Sorokin has told.

thus he has informed that entering in SNPG the companies extract now about 32 billion cubic metre of gas.

" first of all, it is necessary to agree about reform principles, - Sorokin has noted. - after all till now within two years, unfortunately, at official level the concept of reorganisation of gas branch has not been spent. Two dates now are called: either June, or July. We hope that at least in July it will take place. Certainly, depends on a position " much; Gazprom " from its vision of affairs. But to do gas business in Russia it is possible only or near to " Gazprom " or together with " Gazprom " but at all in opposition W it. And it is necessary to find the compromise in this plan ".

As Sorokin has told, SNPG C the compromise, " first of all in that all ideology of reform of gas sector should be reduced 2 that equal conditions of managing have been created. It means - not preferential conditions 4 the independent small or AVG gas companies, and absence of formal and real discrimination ".

" W/ O it, - the vice-president of the Union of independent manufacturers of gas has noted, - it will be difficult to compete W " Gazprom " CUZ it is the unique company W unique experience and magnificent resource base. But if there will be free enough competition entering in SNPG the companies will very EZ be entered in the formula which has developed in the gas market of Russia. It, first of all: export is carried out " Gazprom " or through the uniform channel " Gazprom " and the independent gas companies, basically, deliver the gas on home market ".

answering a question on position SNPG in relation to a problem of an easy approach to a pipe, Sorokin has told: " In this question it is a lot of mess. Practically, in all polls or performances the independent companies complain of difficulties of access 2 a pipe. If to take legal, formal signs any obstacles that access was not discrimination, but opened, no. In my opinion, a problem, first of all, that there is no full transparency. For example, when " Gazprom " SPK that the independent companies can put such - that volume of gas or cannot put such - that volume CUZ these capacities are occupied, nobody can CK it. In - the second, from the decision " Gazprom " which cannot be CKed, depends not only the fact of access, but also a route on which gas will go 2 the consumer ".

" the Third, very closely connected with first two question is cost of transportation of gas " - Sorokin has noted. As he said, " anybody in Russia cannot CK the figures given " Gazprom " and to be in them assured: how much is transportation of gas 4 the independent companies ".

" the Transparency is necessary not that something to press and to understand and understand. " Gazprom " Itself can come to a conclusion that the transparency is favourable and to it as it is clear that to it from the independent companies it is not necessary to be afraid of a serious competition. " Gazprom " can use potential of independent (companies) to give sites of the Russian market on more normal conditions, than becomes now, and to be engaged in that business by which it does is better: the decision of the big, large-scale strategic problems in all areas, since distributive networks, extraction, transportation and so on " - Sorokin has told.

he has noticed that the independent companies " bring an attention to the question that it is necessary to talk W " Gazprom " to find out a true state of affairs ".

" preferences are not necessary to the companies Entering into our union, but we do not want also discrimination. The same export. We do not SPK: start up us in export BAM. We perfectly understand that if export will be carried out by people who have no experience or which pursue very narrow aim they will bring down export of gaz to Europe from what will suffer all more likely. And in this plan position SNPG: certainly, we want to export gas CUZ from export investment funds of the companies are formed. 2DAY in Russia to earn money 4 investments it is possible only on export " - Sorokin has declared.

" our position is now much closer to a position " Gazprom ": we want, that " Gazprom " took from the independent companies, so to say, on the commission through the uniform channel those volumes of gas which it can take, - Sorokin has told. - these volumes would be co-ordinated to the volumes, which independent manufacturers deliver to the Russian consumers at controlled prices, that is on low gazpromovskim to the prices ".

" Thus, independent manufacturers would take on themselves a part of duties " Gazprom " on supply by gas of the Russian consumers, and for it the proportional part (not actually equal, but proportional) the gas extracted by independent manufacturers should leave for export " - the vice-president of the Russian Union of independent manufacturers of gas has concluded.