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Tragedy at the Parisian airport: 6 persons

As a result of a roof collapse at the Parisian airport Ruassi were lost six persons were lost, three more are wounded.

incident has occurred on Sunday, in 06. 57 mornings local time in the terminal 2 - E where concrete details of the lancet arch have fallen upon the metal bridge - transition on which passengers usually pass from planes in a hall of an arrival or, on the contrary, go 2 planes.

on a place of falling of the arch the heap of fragments in diameter about 50 metres was formed. 2 a scene large forces of rescuers which were accepted to clearing of blockages and searches of victims have been immediately thrown.

the building of the terminal 2 - E is surrounded, planes which should follow 2 it, direct to other terminals or in the airport of an Orly located 2 the south from Paris.

The airport Administration has opened a special telephone line on which passengers and their relatives can RCV the information on possible changes in a flight schedule. According to the representative of administration, these changes can mention approximately 60 flights.

now the authorities establish persons of victims and victims. Presumably, among them there can be three policemen who have noticed a crack in the arch and the citizen of China and the citizen the Cat - d Ivuar tried to establish a protection, and also.

As have informed " News " in embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris, according to preliminary data among injured the roof collapse at airport Ruassi is not present Russians.

It is known that at the moment of incident in the terminal 2 - E three flights were served - one has arrived from Prague, others two should go to Newark (USA) and JHB.

The President of France Jacque Chirac has demanded immediately to begin investigation of the reasons of incident and " to make all necessary that these reasons have been established in the short terms ".

As has informed a press - service of the Elisejsky palace, the head of the state has presented deep condolences to relatives of victims and victims.

in Ruassi there have arrived Ministers of Internal Affairs and transport of France. As the head of Ministry of Transport Zhil de has declared to journalists Roben, it will be possible to name the exact reasons of incident only after on a scene experts will work, however at present there are no signs of that an arch collapse could become a consequence of act of terrorism.

the terminal 2 - E which construction was conducted within several years and has managed in 750 million euro, has been put in operation in June of last year after the numerous delays called by elimination of revealed subquality work. It is literally in that day when in the terminal the selection committee was, the huge lamp has broken from a ceiling and has failed on a floor. After that terminal delivery in operation has been postponed for a week.

WRK on creation of an external infrastructure of the terminal proceed till now.

the terminal 2 - E is used also by other air carriers entering into an alliance " Skajtim " 4 flights to averages and a long distance.

flights from Moscow which make Russian " Aeroflot " and the company " Ayr France " are usually served in the terminal 2 - which is approximately in two hundred metres from the terminal 2 - E.Aviakompanija " Pulkovo " making flights from St.-Petersburg, works in the terminal 1.