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the Pope has urged mass-media to respect true

to Respect true and to minister for the society blessing head Rimsko - a latin church John Pavel The Second has called mass media.

acting W the traditional Sunday sermon on a St Peter`s place, the Pope has reminded that the church celebrates 2DAY the World day of public communications which this year is devoted a subject of influence of mass-media on a family.

mass-media can be an important source of cultural enrichment, education and spiritual development of the person, and can represent serious danger to a family, religion and public morals, the pontifex has underlined. Thereupon he has called all believers for wisdom and care.

special responsibility, according to John Pavla The Second, lays down on parents who should watch what information their children scoop from television and the Internet.

The PA 2 has called for responsibility the state and public institutes which urged to supervise and regulate activity of mass-media.