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the President of Germany selects Horst Keller

by the President of Germany the former head of the International currency fund (IMF) Horst Keller is selected.

it has collected necessary overwhelming majority of votes already in the first tour of voting of members of Federal meeting.

it in a plenary hall of the German Bundestag declared its president Wolfgang Tirze. Then Tirze was converted 2 Horstu Keller W a question " a leah accepts it the election? ".

after again selected president of Germany Horst Keller has in the affirmative answered this question, he was converted 2 members of Federal meeting W short speech in which has underlined that Germany " for a long time reforms " are necessary; also that Germany should become " the country of ideas " in which " the special ATTN should be given to children ".

Session of Federal meeting has come to the end with execution of a national hymn of Germany.

the president of Germany is selected for a period of five years. Its re-election is supposed only once. Holding this fast last years sotsial - democrat Johannes Rau has voluntary refused to propose the nominee for the second term.

definitively powers of Johannes Rau will combine on July, 1st after its heir Horst Keller will are sworn in.