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Iran expects understanding from IAEA

the Official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has urged IAEA to refrain from preliminary judgements and to consider the report on the Iranian nuclear programs from a technical aspect.

" we have presented IAEA the full information on workings out conducted in the country on peace development of atom and we expect that at forthcoming session of Board of governors the Agency will consider the Iranian report from a technical aspect, W/ O preliminary judgements and estimations " - has declared on Sunday to journalists of Assefi.

As he said, " if at forthcoming session of Board of governors of IAEA " the Iranian file " it will not be closed, the given circumstance will be called by a defect of experts of Agency which could not finish the inspections and researches ".

According to reached during April visit to Iran general director of IAEA Mohammed El - Baradei to arrangements and Agency resolutions, on the Iranian nuclear objects proceed intensive inspections. The universal report of the Iranian party given the day before and results of inspections will lay down in a basis of the report the Ale - Baradei at session of Board of governors of Agency which will take place in June in Vienna. On it the central subject will be " the Iranian file ".

Iran rejects all charges from the USA in intention to create the nuclear weapon, continues to co-operate with IAEA and counts on that after June session of Board of governors of Agency " the Iranian file " it will be closed, and cooperation of Islamic Republic with Agency will accept usual planned character.