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Members of the Lithuanian parliament suited a protest action in protection of Rolandasa Paksasa

In the CTR of Vilnius near presidential residence on Monday eight Lithuanian members of parliament have arranged a protest action against the amendment 2 the Law on elections of the head of the state, not allowed eks - to president Rolandasu Paksasu to stand on the nearest early election.

as the radio station " has informed; ZHinju radijas " some members the liberal - democratic fraction of a diet under leadership of professor Rolandasa Pavilionisa have held down the hands a chain in protest, as they said, " against absence of freedom and democracy in Lithuania ".

" to the Lithuanian voters forbid to choose the candidate for presidents of that person with whom they connect the greatest expectations " - confirmed Pavilionis and promised to invite next Wednesday in parliament of the diplomats of other countries accredited in Lithuania to explain a current situation.

Upon termination of the action its participants have carried in presidential residence the statement and a metal chain W the request to pass their temporarily fulfilling duties of president Arturasu Paulauskasu.

In the beginning of May the diet by a majority of votes has approved the amendment to the Law on the presidential elections, forbidding to the person discharged of the duties as a result of impeachment, within the next five years to stand on a state post of the head.

Being guided by this amendment, the Main election committee has refused to register Paksasa as the candidate on fast of the president on the early election appointed for June, 13th.

on April, 6th, 2004 Rolandas Paksas has been discharged of a post of the president of Lithuania for rough infringements of the Constitution and the presidential oath.