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the Novgorod court will pronounce on June, 2nd a sentence accused of murder of writer Dmitry Balashova

the Novgorod court on June, 2nd the sentence will pronounce to Evgenie Mihajlovu accused of murder in July, 2000 of known writer Dmitry Balashova. As have informed " News " in the Novgorod district court, the court has accepted such decision on Monday after the termination of judicial debate.

earlier the representative of state charge asked court to recognise Mihajlova guilty and to appoint to it punishment in the form of 15 years and 7 MTH of imprisonment.

the dissatisfied party has supported the petition of Office of Public Prosecutor, however has not designated in debate any concrete term of punishment.

It is supposed that process on the case of Dmitry Balashova`s murder will renew after a break on Wednesday in second half of day. Accused possibility to act W last word will be given, and the court will leave on adjudgment.

Writer Dmitry Balashov known, mainly, on a cycle of historical novels " Sovereigns Moscow " at the age of 72 years has been killed in own house in the Novgorod village Kozynevo on July, 17th, 2000.

on April, 22nd, 2002 the Novgorod district court recognised as Balashova guilty of murder 27 - summer novgorodtsa Evgenie Mihajlova and has sentenced it to 14 years of imprisonment. The district court decision has been appealed against. In the spring of 2003 the sentence to Mihajlovu has been reconsidered in the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation which has made the decision on process renewal.

process in the Novgorod district court has renewed on September, 22nd, 2003. On December, 4th the court recognised Evgenie Mihajlova not involved in murder and has released from - under guards.

the verdict of “not guilty“ to Mihajlovu has been appealed against by representatives of state charge and the dissatisfied party in board on criminal cases of the Novgorod regional court. On January, 15th, 2004 the board has satisfied representation of Office of Public Prosecutor and the dissatisfied party appeal. Business ABT murder of the writer has been directed to the Novgorod district court on new consideration in new structure of court.

process on the case of Dmitry Balashova`s murder in district court has renewed on May, 11th. Business is considered was college by three judges. Chairman of the court Valentine Izotov conducts hearings. At the very beginning of process under the petition of Office of Public Prosecutor employees of television mass-media have been removed from a court hall.