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the City authorities of Tbilisi promise to begin repair of victims two years ago as a result of earthquake of emergency houses

the Authorities of Tbilisi promise to undertake seriously in 2004 repair of the emergency houses injured of earthquake on April, 25th, 2002 which inhabitants for the past two years and have not waited from the former authorities of capital of Georgia of payment of grants for habitation repair.

as has informed news agency " News - Georgia " vitse - the prime minister of Tbilisi Temur Kurhuli, according to the decision accepted in 2003 capital Sakrebulo (Legislative Assembly) inhabitants of the houses which have suffered from earthquake should RCV grants for repair next size: inhabitants of houses of the third (most difficult) category of breakdown susceptibility - 80 chests (about $40) for square metre, inhabitants of houses of the second category - 70 chests (about $35). However grants and have not been given out because of absence in the budget of means.

" During the current year the local budget 2 does not provide delivery of grants, instead the city authorities have decided to carry by own strength out repairs of emergency houses " - has informed Kurhuli.

the Head of regional administration Didube - Chuguretsky area Tbilisi Tejmuraz Cheishvili 2 considers that in emergency houses it is necessary to carry out repairs by forces of regional administration. " inhabitants of emergency houses, most likely, will spend indemnification not for repair, and for other needs - for example, will buy expensive cars or a jacuzzi, and houses and remain unrepaired " - he has assumed.

Cheishvili has informed that at regional administration the special commission which CKs in area all victims during earthquake of the house functions and makes decisions on that, where exactly it is necessary to spend ukrepitelnye WRK, and what houses should be taken down. Thus he has noticed that ukrepitelnye WRK are spent only in those houses where lives a great number of people. " If the unrepaired house falls off and will be a victim, it remains on conscience of administration of area " - he has underlined.

according to Cheishvili, for two years process of destruction of emergency houses has amplified, the majority of houses by which in 2002 has been appropriated the breakdown susceptibility second a category, have already reached the third. Houses intending under a pulling down in 2002 have partially collapsed.