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Italy under the threat " Al - Kaidy "

the Raised security measures are entered on Sunday in all territory of Italy in connection with possible actions of Islamic terrorists. Control over the most important and vulnerable objects is strengthened from police and carabinieres, the special ATTN is given to a situation in places of the big congestion of people.

according to local mass-media, after acts of terrorism on September, 11th in New York and on March, 11th in Madrid risk of carrying out of new actions from outside " Al - Kaidy " on July, 11th it is estimated by the Italian special services as rather high. Occurrence past Wednesday on one of the Internet - the sites propagandising activity of Osama bin Laden, direct threats from outside " became the additional reason for trouble of bodies on safety; Al - Kaidy " to Italy.

in the message of anonymous supporters " the terrorist number 1 " It was SPK, in particular, that owing to the geographical position Italy can become the following purpose of Islamic terrorists.

special concern of special services was called by that fact that the similar statement has been published for the first time in Italian.

" we have decided to translate last performance of sheikh Osama bin Laden into Italian as the policy of the head of the government of Italy calls hatred 2 it " - authors of the message underlined.

following date the raised risk of special service of Italy consider on July, 15th. This day expires the ultimatum which has been put forward three MTH ago by bin Laden which has offered Europe the world in exchange for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq and refusal of support of a policy of the USA.