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Saakashvili is dissatisfied with infringement of the Georgian air space by Russia

. The president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili voices discontent in connection with infringement on Sunday of the Georgian air space from Russia.

" we are dissatisfied with that 2DAY the Russian military planes have broken air space of Georgia. I hope that it has occurred casually " - Saakashvili to journalists has told.

as he said, from Russia through the Roksky tunnel the new arms are imported into South Ossetia.

" I do not think that it should be favourable to someone. As though did not try to translate the existing conflict in a plane Georgian - Osset relations, leaves nothing. It is a question Georgian - the Russian relations and let the Ossetin here do not entangle " - the president of Georgia has declared.

he has voiced readiness to conduct meaningful dialogue W Moscow.

" But if someone in the State Duma wants to press us it will turn out nothing. We not from timid " - the president of Georgia has told.

he has noticed that has constant contact to a management of the USA and Russia under the peace decision Georgian - the Osset conflict.

" in Washington are fine informed on a situation in Tshinvalsky region. 2MORO I go W official visit to Great Britain. Now 4 us support of the international community is very important. The Whole world should know that AAM occurs in Tshinvalsky region " - the president of Georgia has told.