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Askar Akaev did not put forward idea of creation Russian - the American military base in republic, - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kirghizia

Official Bishkek has denied the information which has appeared in mass-media on as if the president of Kirghizia Askar Akaev during the recent Istanbul summit of the NATO has put forward idea ABT creation in this Central Asian country joint Russian - the American military base.

as they say in the official statement extended on Monday the republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, " the president of Kirghizia Askar Akaev did not act W similar offers neither at the NATO summit in Istanbul, nor in any other places ".

" Kirghizia makes all necessary efforts not only 4 maintenance of the national security, but also security and stability in all region, - is SPK in the statement. - also supports consolidation of joint efforts in counteraction to modern calls and threats ".

According to the Kirghiz foreign policy department, existing in Kirghizia air base of the USA aimed at struggle against the international terrorism in Afghanistan, and the Russian air base in an Edging, providing security and interests of member countries ODKB on the Tsentralnoaziatsky direction, " do not enter into the contradiction ". Peaceful co-existence in territory of one state of these air bases by a complementarity principle, instead of rivalries " contribute in counteraction escalating to global threats and calls ".