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the Budget - 2005 should not leave the set macroeconomic indicators - the source in the Kremlin

the Budget of 2005 should be formed exclusively in the set macroeconomic indicators. Such POV as has informed " News " the source in the Kremlin, adheres the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

according to the source, during WRK over the Budgetary message of the president of the Russian Federation ABT directions of a budgetary policy in 2005 there was a rigid discussion concerning use of means of stabilisation fund.

" as a result the president has told: for macroeconomic indicators we do not leave on how much " - the source has told.

" that we have reached macroeconomic stability is a factor which we cannot destroy or miss. Everything that does the government, it is necessary to do in exclusively set macroeconomic indicators " - the source of a word of the president has given.

It has reminded that in the message is SPK that means of stabilisation fund are expedient for using only 4 payment of an external debt and financing of deficiency of the Pension fund in the absence of different ways of the decision of these problems.

the source has underlined importance of this point in the message, having noticed that there were various offers concerning use of means of stabilisation fund.

the interlocutor of agency has noticed that the macroeconomic situation as a whole is characterised as stable and successful though there are factors which disturb.

in particular, as he said, if observance 10 - a percentage threshold of inflation is achievable, rouble strengthening only on 7 % - a disputable thing.

" certainly, the rouble will become stronger " - believes a source.

however, he considers, no trouble will not occur. " It is necessary to prepare for it in advance, to know, what consequences can be, and take measures for competitiveness increase " - the source has told.

in its opinion, rouble strengthening can painfully strike on the enterprises - their production will be less competitive. However, the source is assured, it will not be " to have character of a collapse ".

" Simply this faktorbudet on them (enterprises) to influence and press " - he has told.

Coming back 2 position of the Budgetary message of the president ABT possibility of use of means of stabilisation fund to financing of deficiency of the Pension fund, the source has noticed that does not expect any deficiency. " we can bezdefitsitno close all budgetary funds, we can leave on bezdefitsitnost social funds " - believes a source.

In its opinion, it is necessary to work not to admit deficiency of social funds and, thus, maybe, it is not necessary to get into stabilisation fund.