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In Great Britain it is planned to increase expenses on security, culture and a science, and to reduce number of state employees

In Great Britain it is planned to increase expenses on security, culture and a science, and considerably to reduce number of state employees. It declared on Monday the chancellor of exchequer - the Minister of Finance of Great Britain Gordon Brown, acting in the House of Commons of the British parliament.

as he said, 2 2008 84 thousand workplaces in a state sector it will be reduced. It will concern first of all customs department of the United Kingdom, and also local authorities in Scotland, the Wales and Northern Ireland.

Besides, over 20 thousand workers of state institutions it is planned to translate from capital in other regions of the country. It will concern such departments, as Exchequer (Ministry of Finance), the Ministry of Labour and pensions, and also Ministries of Health, education, the industry.

In connection with the period of steady growth of economy the labour government declared increase in financing of such important spheres of public life, as safety, a science, education and culture.

the general expenses on security, according to Brown, will grow from 950 million pounds sterling in 2001 B4 2,1 billion in 2007 - 08 years. The budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United Kingdom is planned to increase by 4 %.

For needs of a science the next years it is planned to allocate B4 2,5 billion pounds annually that in relative figures will make about 2,5 % of the national income, the minister has informed. " it will be the best guarantee of achievement of new economic successes " - Gordon Brown has added.

expenses on culture 2 it is planned to increase. The Minister of Finance has noted success of experiment W entrance fee cancellation in national museums of Great Britain. " Now we want to enter free entrance to university museums of the country " - the minister has informed.

budgetary expenditure for education 2 2007 - to 08 fiscal year, according to Brown, will increase W 63 B4 77 billion pounds sterling.