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EU insists on transfer of Karadzhicha to the Hague tribunal

Gathered on Monday in Bruxelles Ministers for Foreign Affairs of EU have supported the requirement of the sovereign representative of United Nations Peddi Eshdauna 2 the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiG) to provide full cooperation with the Hague tribunal across the former Yugoslavia.

cooperation with tribunal represents an essential condition 4 rapprochement of BiG W Europe, is SPK in the statement of ministers of EU. The European union has called all leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, first of all heads of Republic Serbian, to take steps 4 the prompt transfer to the Hague tribunal of the persons suspected of war crimes disappearing from justice. In the Republic BiG located in territory Serbian, according to the European community, some from accused by the Hague tribunal disappear.

WRK of the Hague court will not be finished W/ O capture and the legend to court of the main things accused - such as by Radovan Karadzhich, Ratko Mladich and Ante Gotovina, ministers of EU have underlined.