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the Novgorod archeologists have found out subjects of a life of 14 centuries

On archeological excavations on the Trading party in Great Novgorod subjects of a life of 14 centuries are found, the correspondent " passes; News " from a place of events.

among the latest finds made on Nikitinsky raskope, experts mark a metal ring, a zone overlay, fragments of a horse harness, and also bronze wrote in a leather cover. On detection layers scientists dated these subjects the beginning of 14 centuries.

besides, on Nikitinsky raskope have found broken lead hanging assembly press of 13 centuries. 2 the present MOM experts have not managed to define yet to whom exactly from visible novgorodtsev it belonged.

According to the Novgorod CTR on the organisation and maintenance of archaeological researches, WRK on Nikitinsky raskope, located in territory ancient Plotinsky (or, on other sources, Plotensky) the end of Great Novgorod, are conducted the third year. In this time on raskope the rests of three manors well-founded novgorodtsev have been opened, found out 11 Old Russian berestjanyh reading and writing and about 20 hanging assembly seals with which in Ancient Russia sealed up important documents.

in a present archaeological season on Nikitinsky raskope many remarkable finds almost 700 - summer prescription 2 have been made. Among them were, in particular, a carved bone overlay W the image of a hare and two birds which, probably, decorated a quiver of one of Old Russian ratnikov, a fragment trihedral klinka a dagger of the West European sample with what, under the assumption of scientists, in the Middle Ages an armour of knights, an Old Russian metal icon on which face sheet sacred Nikolay`s image was saved punched, and on its back - an inscription " Nikola " an amber dagger, and also the lead assembly press of 12 centuries of Novgorod prince Mstislava of Vladimirovich, son Vladimir Monomaha.