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In the American prison " Allenvud " have CFMed that Vyacheslav Ivankova`s clearing is planned for July, 13th

On Tuesday, on July, 13th, expires abiding term under guards Russian criminal " authority " Vyacheslav Ivankova.

" Clearing of Ivankova concluded at number 30219048, is planned for July, 13th " - have informed " News " in prison " Allenvud " the State of Pennsylvania.

Ivankov known in Russia and behind its limits under a nickname " JAponchik " has been arrested by employees of FBI in New York in June, 1995.

accusation in sum extortion in 3,5 million dollars at the Russian emigrants has been brought to Ivankovu. According to Ivankova, it operated in interests of the acquaintance to which wanted to return the means which have gone at it.

in January, 1998 Ivankov has been recognised by court by guilty and is sentenced to nine years and seven MTH of imprisonment. Time spent by it under guards was zachteno, as a term part.

criminal " authority " Vyacheslav Ivankov known under a nickname " JAponchik " it will be deported from the USA to Russia on Friday, on July, 16th, has informed " News " on Tuesday a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

the Russian authorities accuse Ivankova of murder of two citizens of Turkey at the Moscow restaurant in 1992.

according to the source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the group of employees of the Russian law enforcement bodies has already taken off for the USA 4 protection and support of Ivankova.

" predictably, " JAponchik " it will be delivered to Moscow on military - the transport plane of the Air Forces of the USA, W observance of the raised security measures " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

the Russian-speaking newspaper leaving in New York " the New Russian word " has informed on Tuesday that already 2DAY Ivankova " Will plant in the American plane and Wednesday afternoon will land in Moscow where it will be W8 by representatives of the Russian law enforcement bodies ".

" If this version is not CFMed, there will be that usually occurs in the USA in such cases: Ivankova there and then will translate in prison of immigration department where he will expect deportation to Russia " - the newspaper marks.