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Zhvanija: the NE cargo imported into Georgia, should pass through customs

the NE cargo imported on territory of Georgia, should pass the customs procedures provided by the Georgian legislation.

it was declared to journalists in Tbilisi by the prime minister - the minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvanija, making comments on detention in a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict of a column from seven cargo motor vehicles W a flour which followed in Osset villages.

" the NE flour, NE cargo, name its humanitarian or as - that differently, in territory of Georgia should take place the customs procedures provided by the legislation of our country, those procedures which are painted 4 humanitarian cargoes and only after that cargo will go 2 the addressee " - the prime minister has declared.

" it everything should understand, the Ministry of Defence of Russia and other departments - time when in this country were guided by instructions from Moscow, has ended. In territory of Georgia - the Georgian laws and all should operate according to them " - Zurab Zhvanija has declared.

the Representative of Customs department of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia in conversation with journalists has noticed that cargo " it would be possible to consider humanitarian if there was an arrangement W the president of Georgia. Such arrangement was not ".

Meanwhile the commander of the Mixed peacekeeping forces of Svjatoslav Nabzdorov has informed that earlier the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has agreed to delivery in a zone of the conflict of humanitarian cargo.

" it is that cargo, it is simple it until recently lay in a warehouse " - Nabzdorov has declared.

Besides, the mandate of peacekeeping forces provides rendering from Russia the humanitarian help to inhabitants of a zone of the conflict.