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S & P has CFMed with ratings of Vneshtorgbanka at levels " BB + " and " In " W the forecast " stable "

the International rating agency Standard & Poor s has CFMed with credit ratings of the counterpart and depositary certificates of Vneshtorgbanka (VTB) at levels " BB + " and " In " followed the announcement bank ABT plans on acquisition of 86 % of a share holding of Guta - Bank at not declared price. About it it is SPK in the MSG of the agency which have entered " News ".

the Forecast of ratings - " stable ".

" Ratings VTB - bank W the state participation - reflect proceeding support of bank by the state, its important role in the Russian bank market, and also Gud level of capitalisation " - has noted credit analyst Standard & Poor s Ekaterina Trofimova.

As she said bank ratings 2 consider risks, on - former inherent in bank sector and economy of Russia, but also, the problems connected with ambitious strategy of expansion and a diversification of business, and high (though and decreasing) concentration of a credit portfolio of bank.

Guta - the Bank is included into number 20 of the largest Russian banks. Guta - the Bank has tested considerable outflow of client means against hearings ABT its insolvency in high instability in the Russian bank market. The central bank of Russia gives VTB the deposit in the size of $700 million 4 stabilisation of balance of Guta - Bank. The estimation of a financial position of Guta - Bank from party VTB is not finished yet.

" while NE essential defects on balance of Guta - Bank can worsen own characteristics of credit status VTB, in ratings VTB notable indirect state support " is considered; - it is marked in a MSG.

As marks agency, further evolution of the economic environment in Russia which while is favorable will be a pacing factor of influence on credit status of bank. Besides, at VTB there is a possibility to raise relative density of incomes of primary activity in structure of a generated gain - ESP in case of successful realisation of plans of expansion of business and diversification strategy. " these factors should reduce potential volatilnost results of the activity, connected with saved high share of incomes of operations W securities.

OTOH, negative influence on ratings and the forecast on ratings VTB can render tendencies to deterioration of indicators of profitableness of primary activity or accumulation of the risks connected with QIK growth of volumes of crediting at deterioration of a macroeconomic situation " - it is SPK in a MSG.

" Standard & Poor s will trace 2 influence of acquisition GUTA - Bank on operational and financial activity VTB " - has added credit analyst Standard & Poor s Irina Penkin.