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Spaniards will get divorced under the new law

Divorce between spouses, in case of the consent of both parties, will occupy from two B4 three MTH. It was declared by the Minister of Justice of Spain Juan Fernando Lopez Agilar, specifying the changes introduced in the law on divorce which will be accepted by the government.

thereby the minister has denied the statements which have extended in Spain that on new vantu the law on divorce it can be issued for ten days.

according to Agilara, it " it is technically impossible " as such decision cannot be issued for so short term. Besides, he has underlined, it " it is legally illogical " as the getting divorced parties should make the firm decision, instead of operate under the influence of emotions.

the main innovation in new vante the law on divorce will be that so-called " travel " (the preliminary period), obligatory now, any more is not required.

Besides, to divorce, it is not required explanations of the reasons which have motivated the parties to come 2 such decision. This norm is established, recognising that, according to the legislator, at the introduction into marriage nobody demands from the groom and the bride of explanations Y they do it.

According to positions new vanta the law, objections of one of the parties against divorce cease to be the basis 4 acceptance by decision court.

the decision on modification of the law on divorce became in Spain a great occasion. In due time the Spanish latin church did everything that divorce has not been resolved at all. When after death Ex it became possible under the pressure of church (Vatican does not recognise it till now) divorce has been caused by a number of restrictions which did it by enough difficult and expensive procedure.

the majority of Spaniards for a long time demanded simplification and simplification of procedure of divorce. Thereupon the Socialist party has brought this point in the electoral programme. Half a year later after as a result of elections on March, 14th she has come to power, the socialist government began to fulfil this promise.