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Prince Harry has shot a film ABT AIDS problem in Lesotho

the British TV channel ITV1 on Sunday evening will show the documentary film removed by prince Harry ABT AIDS problem in Lesotho.

having ended in 2003 school not W the best estimations, prince Harry has spent some weeks in Australia where veins and worked on one of farms, and then has gone to Lesotho where worked in a boarding school 4 children who sick of AIDS or were deserted as a result of death of parents from this illness.

thereby it has continued business of late mother of princess Diana which was the active participant of struggle against AIDS in Africa.

SPK about children living in children`s home, the grandson of the queen of Elizabeth of the Second has noticed that despite difficulties of life, " they very much, very happy, all time smile, and we want to help them, and we can help ".

Telling journalists about the purposes of the abiding in the country, the prince has told that wanted to achieve " Recognitions of Lesotho the country which needs the help ". " They do not RCV till now the sufficient help from the outside, it is the country ABT which many even did not hear " - ascertained Harry.

the documentary film created by the prince ABT life of the nation amazed with AIDS became result of an eight-week trip to Lesotho. About 40 % of the population of the country are HIV carriers/ AIDS.

a film under the name " the 4gotten kingdom " contains interview to doctors, workers charitable and medical institutions, and also W prince Sejso, the BRO of the king of Lesotho Letsi of the Third.

Besides, ITV1 will show interview to the prince which maintenance already became known to the press. As the newspaper " writes; the Daily Telegraph " Harry SPK in it about the mother, princess Diana.

he has declared the adherence to continue humanitarian activity which conducted his mother, in particular, in business of struggle against AIDS. As he said, Diana wanted, that sons have gone on its stops. " I want try to continue this business that she could be proud of me " - the prince has told.