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Superstitious Israeli rabbis have achieved operation renaming on evacuation from Gaza Strip

Superstitious Israeli rabbis operation renaming on evacuation from Gaza Strip have achieved.

as inform local mass-media, the code name " Light of heavens " appropriated by military command of operation on a withdrawal of troops and evacuation of inhabitants of the Jewish settlements from Gaza Strip, has called protests from representatives of the Israeli religious circles. Their discontent speaks that the word combination chosen at random by the computer of the Ministry of Defence, is used in the doleful prayer read at anamnesis of the died.

rabbis have considered such name as an ominous omen and have urged military command to replace it. " amazingly, what cynicism is covered that the plan name on eviction of thousand Jews from the houses sounds equally W a phrase which say over tombs died " - the rabbi of settlement Kedumim on the Western coast of Jordan Daniel Shilo has declared.

the management of the Minister of Defence is occupied by a choice of the new name of operation which will not call someone`s discontent. One of offered vantov sounds as " Travelling marks ".