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- to aliens visas to excursions in the European Union countries

the Government of Latvia are not necessary to the Latvian schoolboys any more will consider on Tuesday of the amendment 2 Cabinet rules on crossing of border 4 the pupils, providing introduction of the simplified mode of crossing of borders of the European Union 4 schoolboys - aliens of EU if they go at excursion as a part of school group.

as have informed " News " have informed in a press - service of the Cabinet of Latvia, introductions of such amendments demand a rule of the European advice.

according to the Cabinet, after acceptance of amendments schoolboys - negrazhlane will be uravneny in the rights with schoolboys - citizens and can travel on 25 countries of Europe W/ O visas. However the given amendments will extend only on groups of schoolboys accompanied by teachers who should have the list of children CFMing asserted by educational institution that all schoolboys have legal communication with Latvia.

Before introduction of amendments to schoolboys - nerazhdanam Latvia, considered representatives " the third countries " visas in NE of the EU countries, except Lithuania and Estonia that called certain complexities both 4 travel agencies, and 4 teachers were necessary.