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FAS has postponed a legal investigation ABT infringement " Gazprom " and it " daughters " the antimonopoly law

the Commission of Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia has postponed a legal investigation ABT Open Society infringement " Gazprom " and its branches of Open Company " Mezhregiongaz " and Open Company " Surgutgazprom " the antimonopoly law. ABT it " News " have informed on Monday in a press - service FAS.

In federal antimonopoly service have noticed that date of following session of the commission will be appointed later.

" within three days definition ABT granting by the parties of additional documents " will be let out; - have informed en face.

in August, 2004 FAS has brought action to infringement signs " Gazprom " " Mezhregiongaz " and " Surgutgazpromom " articles 5 and 6 Laws " ABT a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity in the commodity markets ".

" Experts of antimonopoly service assume that the suspected companies create obstacles to access on the market of network gas, and also carry out the co-ordinated actions in which result are available or the non-admission, restriction, elimination of a competition and infringement of interests of other managing subjects " can take place; - it was marked in a press - release FAS.