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the Agreement on return of fuel from the Iranian atomic power station in the Russian Federation is braked by absence of the commercial agreement - Rumjantsev

Signing of the agreement on return of the fulfilled nuclear fuel from an atomic power station stood by the Russian experts " Busher " in Iran is late from - for absence of the corresponding commercial agreement. On it has informed on Tuesday in conversation W " News " the head of Federal agency of atomic energy of Russia Alexander Rumjantsev.

He has noticed that " atomic power station building " Busher " is a unique project of cooperation between Russia and Iarnom in the field of atom ". " This project will be realised in strict sootvetstviii W the international legislation and the regulations of the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA) " - the head of State atom has underlined.

It 2 has expressed opinion that accepted Board of governors of IAEA the resolution on the Iranian nuclear programs which demands from Teheran to stop WRK on enrichment of uranium and to answer all questions of agency till November, 25th of current year, " does not mention relations between Iran and Russia in the field of building of the mentioned atomic power station. "

Alexander Rumjantsev is in Vienna at the head of the Russian delegation which participates in WRK 48 - j sessions of the General conference of IAEA.