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In an anniversary of October, 1993 the left have branded Zyuganov

the Left-wing radical organisations mark in the Russian capital 11 - ju anniversary of October events in Moscow of 1993.

as the correspondent " passes; News " some hundreds active workers of the Russian communistic workers` party, " Labour Russia " Avant-guard of red youth and other radical groupings under the slogan " Down with bourgeois kontru " have passed from the Kaluga area 2 the House of the government of the Russian Federation where now takes place meeting.

EVN by estimations of organizers of the action, 2 the Humpbacked bridge has come no more than 300 persons.

acting declare necessity " a socialist revolution and revival of the Soviet power " habitual threats in " ADDY are distributed; helpers of a bourgeois mode ".

As a whole holding a meeting behave easy, except for not numerous group of Avant-guard of red youth. A little young it is short strizhennyh people constantly cry out slogans, rustle, as a result EVN organizers of meeting have been urged to call them to order.

people of old age some of them have gathered for meeting basically hold posters, which, under their maintenance and a status, not less than 10 years. At some holding a meeting in hands Stalin`s portraits, meanwhile Lenin`s any portrait on meeting it is not noticed, how is not present on it and representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

participants of meeting have branded the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its leader Gennady Zyuganov as " the fifth column in communistic movement " and as " helpers of a bourgeois mode. " the Communist Party of the Russian Federation should be crushed and ideologically disarmed " - one of heads " has declared; Labour Russia ".

law and order Bodies have accepted the raised security measures in connection with carrying out of the action of the left radicals. All route in the direction of a column was surveyed by cynologists W dogs and to get on meeting, its participants passed through frameworks - metal detectors. The meeting venue is surrounded by militia and soldiers vnutrenih the armies, however any excesses is not observed.