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For the first time after the introduction on fast of prime minister Zapatero have catcalled on public in Madrid

the Chairman of the government of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Zapatero who, according to the Gallup Poll, is the most popular person in Spain both for a long time and strongly occupies the first line in a rating of politicians, on Saturday has been catcalled in Madrid.

it has occurred for the first time after Zapatero has headed the government of Spain after victory sotspartii on elections on March, 14th, mark the Spanish mass-media.

the discontent with actions of the new prime minister was expressed thus by group approximately in fifty workers of the state Commission on telecommunications, a staff - which apartment decided to transfer from Madrid to Barcelona.

workers of the commission have arranged manifestation of protest against the decision of the government near an input in the Madrid casino where the prime minister has acted W lecture " the Purposes of a new political stage ".

Headers which were born by the angered participants of the action of the protest, demanded from Zapatero to pay mortgage loans for habitation in Madrid, advised to it not to give in to Catalan nationalists and EVN to move to most Sonsoles W a WF to Barcelona.

the decision on carrying over a staff - apartments of the Commission on telecommunications is called by that Zapatero`s government has started to carry out of the obligation given in an electoral programme to decentralise management of machinery of state. In particular, it is provided that a staff - apartments of some state organisations will be transferred from Madrid to other cities of Spain, mainly in capitals of other autonomous regions of the country. The prospect of moving does not suit workers of these organisations.