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Blair`s Political future in doubt

Tony Blair`s Statements B4 a heart operation have lifted a wave of conversations on its political future.

as the newspaper " writes on Sunday; Sandi tajms " statements of the British prime minister on the eve of operation that he does not intend to leave from a post of the head of an office in case of victory of labourites on the nearest parliamentary elections, but here for the fourth term will not go any more, have aggravated struggle for leadership in the Labour party. To parties long since there is a rivalry between two " " - Tony Blair and its Minister of Finance - Gordon Brown.

" Gordon Brown`s allies have warned Tony Blair that it will face the protest of labourites if will not leave voluntary after two years of abiding on the third term " - marks the edition.

according to many members of the Labour party, Blair`s last statements have created in party " an instability climate ". The former Minister of Health of Great Britain Frenk Dobson who is known as the opponent of a policy of Blair and Brown`s supporter, has declared that 4 the present prime minister abiding on this fast longer the middle of the third term is impossible.

" I do not think that Blair`s statement for a long time will postpone its leaving from fast of premieres - the minister. Gordon Brown is a leading figure in an office and hardly its role will decrease in the nearest two - two and a half a year " - the member of parliament considers.

" Sandi tajms " notices that in the Labour party not so simply to displace the leader but if Brown`s camp strengthens pressure upon Blair in parliament and behind side scenes, probably, it really should leave.

Tony Blair as specifies referring to the sources the Sunday British newspaper, in private conversations declared that intends to get rid from disloyal to it of ministers of an office after elections that basically can put on threat destiny EVN Brown. " People should remember that I the prime minister - the minister and have the sovereign right to solve " - Blair has told.