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In southern China members of the gang which were engaged in abduction of women and children

In southern China are sentenced to the death penalty the large criminal grouping as a part of 36 persons, engaged in abductions and resale of women and children is liquidated.

as has informed on Sunday agency Sinhua, national court of independent prefecture of nationalities of Hai and And provinces Yunnan has taken out severe sentences to members of gangster grouping.

for abduction and sale of 35 women and 12 children two criminals have been sentenced to the death penalty W/ O a sentence delay.

three more gangsters who have stolen and trying to sell 45 women and 9 children, are sentenced by court to the death penalty W a delay of enforcement of the sentence for two years.

other members of a gang are sentenced to various terms of imprisonment - from lifelong till two years.

the grouping operated within 11 years and only on the established episodes has stolen and has resold more than 80 women and 22 children.