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the New wave of acts of terrorism in the Indian state of Assam

As a result of a new wave of acts of terrorism in the Indian state of Assam of wound have RCVed at least 22 persons. Three extremists - executors of acts of terrorism were lost 2.

as the general inspector of police of staff of Khagen of Charm has informed, MSG on explosions have arrived already from five places - from Gosajgaona in district Kokradzhhar, from Basques, from two cities in district Sonitpur (from Dhekdzhadzhuli and Rangapary), and also from Sonari in district Sibsagar.

in the Morning insurgents of National democratic front Bodolenda (NDFB) have blown up a bomb in Gosajgaone. After literally some hours extremists of the same organisation have arranged act of terrorism in the market in Dhekdzhadzhuli during which time of wound have RCVed 15 persons, and, by words Charms, seven is in a grave condition.

At the same time, in districts Sonitpur Rangapare victims of explosions were two insurgents NDFB - an explosive which they tried to establish, has worked involuntarily at them in hands. In Gosajgaone member NDFB 2 was lost.

2DAY the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of India Shivradzh Patil who has taken off in severo - east region, has promised to the authorities of Assam the help of the CTR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in struggle against extremism.

in the meantime the opposition - Assam branch of national party Bharatija dzhanata parti (BDP) - has categorically demanded resignation of the main minister of staff of Taruna Gogoja " for full inability to cope with growing threat of extremism and to provide security of people ".

the Vice-president of Assam branch BDP Dhruba Prasad Vajshja has denounced " a slaughter-house " arranged the day before and within today extremists in the Top and the Bottom Assam. According to Vajshi, " on the main minister the moral responsibility immediately lies to resign. It is not capable to support in staff the law and an order ". Simultaneously Assam branch BDP has called the staff government in coordination with the central authorities, to begin negotiations both W NDFB, and W Incorporated front of clearing of Asoma.