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Susilo Bambang Judhojono

the President of Indonesia became the President of Indonesia there was a retired general, " debuting " in the politician of all half a year BWD. The winner of direct presidential election first in the history of Indonesia - Susilo Bambang Judhojonov - has typed 60,62 % of voices. For operating head of the state Megavati Sukarnoputri 39,38 % of voters have voted.

the future president of Indonesia debuted as the independent politician of all half a year BWD, having left fast of the minister - the co-ordinator on questions of a policy and security in a present office.

SBJU, A/U name Judhojono Indonesians, the small town Pachitan (a province East Java) in a family of zealous Moslems was born on September, 9th, 1949 in located near. Its grandfather supervised over the Muslim religious school located there - boarding house.

Bambang has gone in the footsteps of the father who has served to a rank of the lieutenant, and has entered 1970 in military academy in the city of Magelang. In three years it has ended it with distinction, having RCVed signs on distinction from hands of president Suharto, " an iron hand " correcting Indonesia throughout 32 years.

Judhojono some times passed courses of military preparation in the USA, including as a part of special troops, and has ended command and Joint Staff College in the Fort - Livenuort (State of Texas).

SBJU three times ministered in one of most " hot " region points - on East Timor. In 1976 it participated in the Indonesian occupation of this nowadays an independent former Portuguese colony, and in 1986 - 88 years already ordered there an infantry battalion. In 1995 - 96 years it was the main military observer of the United Nations in Bosnia.

the same year it has RCVed a rank the general - the major and has accepted under command district Palembang on island Sumatra, and then was responsible territolnye for divisions of armed forces of all country. But as a result of disagreements W the commander of that time of armed forces of Viranto Judhojono it was necessary to leave the ranks of army in 1999. " at parting " to it the rank the general - the lieutenant has been appropriated.

it has followed a way of political career which proceeded so successfully, as well as military: in 2000 SBJU became the minister of the mining industry and power in the short-lived government of president Abdurrahmana Vahida, and then and the minister - the co-ordinator on questions of a policy and security in the same office.

after removal by parliament of impeachment of Vahidu Judhojono again in August, 2001 has held fast of the minister - the co-ordinator in an office of come to power Megavati.

to the Future president, headed which young Democratic party of Indonesia (DPI) has in parliament only 8 % of places, it is necessary to deal with generated Megavati a coalition of the several leading parties supervising over 55 % of places. At the same time, experts consider, the prospect of preservation of a coalition of recent enemies after loss of the present president is represented rather disputable.

Judhojono does not hurry yet to concretise the program, having declared only intention in first hundred days of presidency to concentrate on position in " flashpoints " Indonesia and MTGs W " simple people ".

" In the first 100 days I will concentrate on problems of Acheh and other uneasy places, - he has told. - I will meet 2 simple people and to avoid trips abroad - if only 4 them there will be no very important reasons ".