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the Positive forecast of a rating of the Russian Federation from Moody s became pleasant 4 the Russian share market, but a short-term surprise

the Positive forecast of the Russian rating from Moody s became 4 the Russian share market pleasant, but a short-term surprise.

in first half of day movement of quotations was defined by profit fixing, - after growth of the market on the eve of available assets 4 its continuation, no less than a new portion of a positive, did not suffice.

" morning the Russian actions have begun with decrease - the part of investors fixed profit, being afraid to hold the big positions in QIK evolved market, - Andrey`s Novel from " has told; TSentrinvestsekjuritiz ". - However already 2 the middle of day correction on the majority of papers has been levelled, and the market bargained only the little below opening ".

Andreys has added that against growth of previous days the negative MOM have faded into the background, " and EVN a MSG on charge of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection " Yuganskneftegaz " In an underpay almost $1 billion has not called serious reaction in the market ".

Along toward evening the new impulse 2 movement of quotations upwards was given by agency Moody s: its decision to reconsider the forecast of a rating of the Russian Federation with " stable " on " positive " has added optimism to participants of the market.

thus actions of the companies toplivno - power branches have shown the greatest growth: " Surgutneftegaz " (the Russian Open Societies " have grown on 3,27 % 2 closing and on news on 2,53 %); UES of Russia " and " Norilsk nickel " (have added 2 closing of 0,47 % and 0,98 % and on news 1 - 2 %), and also " YUKOS " (3,85 % and more than 5 % accordingly).

Sergey Kosynkin from " Tserih Kepital Management " SPK that in decision Moody s was " a surprise element " ESP against that S & P and Fit˝h ABT possibility of revision of the Russian rating responded frostily. Nevertheless, events around " YUKOS " save a negative background in the market, and besides, forecast increase - " it is less, than a rating " the trader has added.

Alexey Logvin from " Interfintrejda " names decision Moody s event of day. " EVN adjusted for that the given agency too liberally estimates a current status and national economy prospects, and its decision can be not supported other leading agencies, in the nearest put - two it can make strong positive impact on the market " - the expert considers.

thus Logvin has reminded that at increase of a rating from Moody s B4 investment market growth has stopped already every other day - two.

" increase of the forecast of a rating is yet rating increase " - SPK Andreys. As he said, this news has rendered the basic influence on the Russian eurobonds, and small " splash " it was in character close to the speculative. " 4 the market triggers were necessary, but increase of the forecast will poorly be reflected in it, - considers Andreys. - as Moody s sometimes suffers affliction unreasonable and hasty decisions ".

Thus, on this background the Russian share market has shown growth which as a whole has appeared not so considerable.

RTS index on closing of the auctions (18. 00 Moscow time) has grown on 0,69 % - B4 679,01 points, a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index on 18. 45 Moscow time - on 1,28 % B4 704,04 points.