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In Novosibirsk the new building Scientifically has opened - research institute of a tuberculosis of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

On Monday in Novosibirsk there has passed opening ceremony of a new building Scientifically - research institute of a tuberculosis of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The scientific research institute is the largest specialised establishment in the Asian part of Russia.

as the correspondent " passes; News " W a salutatory word the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district Leonid Drachevsky and governor Victor Tolokonsky has acted. To congratulate collective of scientific research institute of a tuberculosis there have arrived representatives of Ministry of Health, the Russian phthisiatricians, infektsionisty and biologists, and also representatives of world scientific community from the USA, Canada, Poland, Israel and the EU countries.

before cutting of a scarlet tape has taken place, a diocesan Novosibirsk and Berdsky Tihon has consecrated a new building.

building building lasted 18 years. For today all painting and decorating of the first case is finished. Commissioning of the second case is planned for the next year.

the Novosibirsk institute of a tuberculosis has been created in 1943 and originally settled down in the building of the barrack-type type which has been not adapted 4 establishment of such profile, in the street Tchaplygin. In 60 - h the scientific research institute has moved in premises of the former nursery of a colony in the street Repin.

as buildings " prison small town " were in an emergency status, conversations on erection of new cases have begun at once after moving. All design WRK have been executed in the beginning 70 - h, but the first stone of a new building have put only in 1984. After a construction of a box object have frozen: in the country market reforms have begun, and means for struggle against a tuberculosis have not appeared.

again WRK not to a building site were developed only in 1997. Means for long-term construction end have been allocated within the limits of the target program " Urgent measures of struggle against a tuberculosis in Russia on 1998 - 2004 ".

In a new building in the street Ohotsky, 81 the Institute has started to move one and a half years ago. At once have started to work operational, clinic on 205 cots. Economic services, organizational - methodical department and administration have soon moved. 2DAY in old building NIIT in the street Repin some continue to work only laboratory - experimental divisions.