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Evacuation of the Russian experts and of some crewmen of a vessel " Magdalena Oldendorf " Operation on evacuation of the Russian experts and of some crewmen of a vessel " will renew not earlier than July, 3rd

; Magdalena Oldendorf " possibly, will renew not earlier than July, 3rd.

as has informed " News " the deputy chief of the Russian Antarctic expedition Vladimir Kuchin/ Petersburg/, on Monday for some time, probably, will be established the weather favorable for carrying out of operation. But as on June, 29th from - for bad weathers " Agalas " has been urged to depart to the north on 70 n miles, rescuers will not have time to use this small interval.

now " Agalas " and " Magdalena " divides about 250 n miles is a limiting distance 4 helicopters, and in Antarctic it is better not to risk, Kuchin has noted. Therefore 4 operation renewal " Agalasu " Again it is necessary to approach more close 2 " to Magdalena ". It is necessary to W8 for More long improvement of weather till July, 3rd.

now onboard the vessel blocked by ices there are 11 Russians and 26 seamen/ 68 members of the Russian Antarctic expedition and two sailors were 27 - on June, 28th are delivered by helicopters aboard " Agalasa "/.

Helicopters 2 delivered aboard " Magdalena " nearby 1,5 t products.

" Magdalena Oldendorf " - a vessel of strengthened ice class SA - 15/ " Snabzhenets Arctic - 15 "/. Earlier it belonged to Far East shipping company, and in 80 - e years has been sold abroad. " Magdalena " carried out operation on change zimovochnogo structure of the Russian Antarctic expedition, onboard it there were 107 persons, including 74 participants 47 - j the Russian Antarctic expedition. Usually this operation is spent by a vessel of the strengthened ice class " Feodor`s Academician " Belonging GU " Arctic and Antarctic scientifically - research institute " but now " Feodor`s Academician " is on repair to Germany, therefore institute has been urged to charter other vessel of an ice class 4 operation carrying out.