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In Paris the compact - a disk W records kvakanja the frogs prepares for release, removing stresses

In Paris the compact - a disk W records kvakanja the frogs, removing stresses prepares for release. As the correspondent " passes; News " the founder of unusual musical compositions - " ljagushinyh concerts " - the music-master in the Romanian city of Galatz of Luchian Korletsjanu is.

As he said, " wildlife voices calm, remove stresses, treat EVN nervous diseases ". " In the West, for example, it is very popular so-called " weakening music " - whether it be singing of birds, a murmur of a mountain stream or noise of breakers ". According to the composer, idea " ljagushinyh concerts " was born after listening of such records.

The first records of Korletsjanu simply distributed to friends and the acquaintances, one of films has got 2 the doctor - to the neuropathologist which W its help of the beginnings successfully to treat in the clinic insomnia. Other record has appeared abroad, in France where one enterprising sexologist W its help has achieved tremendous results in treatment of sexual frustration.

" be not surprised, some records are made in the spring, during, so to say, wedded period of the nature, and have surprising influence on mentality of people " SPK Luchian.

the Contract from one of the Parisian musical firms has helped the Romanian enthusiast to make successful professional records in the Danube delta. After studio processing " midnight compositions of Luchiana " in which singing of cicadas, a cane rustle, splashes in water are organically twisted solovinye trills, and, certainly, kvakane frogs, have found the high-grade status of art creation.

on money from realisation " ljagushinyh concerts " Luchian is going to open own studio and to get 4 school Gud musical instruments.