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In Miami Saddam Hussein`s adopted son

In Miami/ the State of Florida/ on Wednesday evening is arrested the adopted son of Iraq leader Saddam Hussein is arrested.

as the correspondent " passes; News " the broadcasting company of En has informed on it - Bi - Si, under which data, " the adopted son or close enough to Hussein " the person by name of Mohammed Saafi is arrested on charge in infringement of immigration rules.

It is informed that he has been detained after an arrival from Los - Andzhelesa in local hostel " Kamfort - Innas " and now it is interrogated by representatives of Incorporated counterterrorist group.

- Bi - Si does not result other data on arrested person En.

charges in infringement of rules of entrance and abiding in the USA after acts of terrorism on September, 11th last year began be used often ESP by US authorities 4 detention and interrogations suspected of participation in terrorist groupings.