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In the Mongolian capital the two children left W/ O supervision of parents, have sunk in the river Tuul

In the Mongolian capital two children - the SIS and the BRO of 9 and 11 years have sunk, bathing in the river Tuul proceeding through a city.

as have informed " News " on Thursday in Management of civil defence (HUGO) of Mongolia, in connection with established in territory of capital of dry and hot weather many children, during vacation at home W/ O supervision of parents, go 2 the river to bathe and sunbathe. Lost children 2 have gone 2 a reservoir to bathe and on imprudence have fallen in water and have sunk. Tuul - the river mountain, W a rapid current ABT very cold water.

the rescuers who have arrived to the place of tragedy could find a body only 9 - the summer girl, and the body of the boy is not found yet.

as have underlined in civil defence Management, for last MTH in the rivers and reservoirs of Mongolia have sunk more than 20 persons. Principal cause of  destruction of people in reservoirs is the disregard people safety rules on water. Many perish in a state of intoxication. Children left W/ O parental supervision sink 2.

now in Mongolia there is a hot weather - the thermometer column rises B4 a mark of +33 +35 degrees in a shade.