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the Orthodox chapel in memory of victims in an air crash near Irkutsk is opened in the city of Arteme - the companion of Vladivostok

the Orthodox chapel in memory of the lost passengers and crew of the plane THEY be 154 companies " Vladivostok Abijah " in accident near Irkutsk in July of last year it is opened on Thursday on the Shevelevsky cemetery in the seaside city of Artem. Here the crew of the plane and accidents much a victim are buried. To crew on a cemetery the monument is opened.

as the correspondent " informs; News " the rank of sanctification of a chapel and doleful worship service has made decent the Central district Vladivostoksko - Seaside archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Church abbot Philaret (Tambov).

relatives of victims have taken part In opening ceremony memolnogo a complex, city authorities of Artema and an airline management.

the small chapel constructed on company`s resources " Vladivostok Abijah " Makes together with a monument to the lost crewmen memolnyj a complex.

on Thursday year was executed from the moment of wreck near Irkutsk the passenger plane which was carrying out flight Ekaterinburg - Vladivostok.

the liner has failed on the earth near to Irkutsk in the night from 3 for July, 4th, during landing approach. The tragedy has carried away lives of 145 persons, including 9 crewmen.

on the conclusion of the state commission, a cause of accident became " the human factor " entailed errors in control of airplane.