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the Pakistan press asserts that killed in a course of action W law enforcement officers of Pakistan four insurgents " Al - Kaidy " could be Chechens

the Pakistan press asserts that four killed on Wednesday in collision with police in the north of Pakistan insurgents " Al - Kaidy " can be Chechens.

> as the correspondent " passes; News " local mass-media put forward this version referring to representatives of law enforcement bodies of Pakistan.

under their data, fight has occurred on HWY in 3 km from the city of Kohata, the capital with the same name independent pushtunskogo area. On bridge Dzharma the police patrol tried to stop mini - the bus W four passengers 4 examination. Pomegranates have departed to the answer in policemen.

firing Was fastened. To the aid of police there have arrived members of spetsnaz. In a course of action four terrorists have been killed. Two policemen were lost 2. Two more guards have RCVed severe wounds.

According to the newspaper " Pakistan obzerver " the bus driver is arrested. He has told that it have employed in capital of another independent pushtunskogo area " Northern Vaziristan " - the city of Miranshahe to bring these people to Peshawar.

in mini - the bus 2 it was revealed Kalashnikov`s 4 automatic machines, a machine gun, two pistols, one grenade cup discharge and 15 manual pomegranates, and also two portable radio sets, the newspaper " informs; Njuz ". Pravohranitelnye bodies believe that insurgents could go to Peshawar 4 fulfilment of the next act of terrorism.

at the same time the newspaper " Frontier fast " informs, referring to sources in law enforcement bodies that lately in Pakistan are arrested 293 persons suspected of communications with terrorists.