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Ways of an atypical pneumonia are inscrutable

Main infektsionist Vietnam warns: ways of distribution of a virus of an atypical pneumonia can be the most different. W such statement has acted on Monday on pages of the most popular edition in Vietnam " Vetnamnet " the known doctor in republic, the professor, the doctor of medical sciences Hoang Thjui Long.

it has given this interview first of all in connection with the numerous questions arriving to local authorities and medical institutions SRV from citizens of the Vietnamese nationality, living for its limits. They come often to Vietnam from the USA, France, Australia and of some other countries where live now, to come to see the relatives. Many are frightened 2DAY by possibility of infection of mortally dangerous illness.

doctor Hoang Thjui Long has declared that government SRV and a republic Ministry of Health use the best efforts for struggle against an atypical pneumonia. However till now the nature of a virus is unknown and infection ways are not defined. Many consider guilty of infection distribution the powerful conditioners established in hospitals, hostels, on sea and aircrafts. Many people were ill after trips and flights from Asia to Europe and the New World countries. The close, closed space is a place where it is possible to catch W the greatest probability.

however, and it the professor has underlined, is not excluded that the infection can be passed not only kapelno - an air way, but also through various subjects. It is not established precisely and the incubatory period. Earlier was considered that it does not exceed one week. But it is literally yesterday the diagnosis of an atypical pneumonia it is put one more Vietnamese from a province of Nin Bin which visited the basic source of infection - vetnamo - the French hospital in Hanoi - 18 days ago.

The Vietnamese doctor has urged compatriots to be careful at contacts to sick people, at the slightest suspicion on illness to be converted 2 experts and, whenever possible, for a while to refrain from long trips various types of transport.