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In Kishinev has opened memol victims of pogrom of 1903

In Kishinev on Monday solemn opening of Memola of victims of the Jewish pogrom of 1903 has taken place.

acted opening ceremonies of the president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has told that " the Kishinev pogrom became the first event in the progressive twentieth century in which the power has acted in a role of the main provoker ".

Voronin has reminded that " the irreconcilable estimation to the Kishinev pogrom was given first of all by outstanding Russian writers - Vladimir Korolenko, Lev Tolstoi and Maxim Gorky ".

" We will not allow more to anybody to raise at our multinational house, on our multinational history " - the president of Moldova has declared.

for this purpose, he has noted, " we are obliged to take all lessons not only from events of centenary prescription, but from those recent events on Dnestr which 2 have been organised by provokers from the power and their grief - henchmen " .

delegations take part In days of memory of victims of the Kishinev pogrom of 1903 passing now in Moldova from Israel, Russia, the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and other countries.