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to Foreigners - to carriers of AIDS, a leprosy, a tuberculosis and dangerous sexual infections will refuse entrance to the Russian Federation

the Government of the Russian Federation the decision from April, 2nd has confirmed the list of the dangerous infectious diseases to which carriers it will be refused the right of entrance to territory of the country. On Tuesday the decision TXT publishes " the Russian newspaper ".

In the confirmed list - the illness called by a human immunodeficiency virus/ a HIV - an infection/, lepra/ illness of Gansena/, a tuberculosis, and also the infections passed by mainly sexual way/ a syphilis, hlamidijnaja limfogranulema/ venereal/, shankroid/.

the Decision will concern foreign citizens, and also persons W/ O the citizenship, arriving to Russia on a constant or time residence, or for WRK. On the basis of the document it can be cancelled as well the permission to time residing of foreigners in the Russian Federation.